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Inspiring Spaces: How Trish Becher Creates Beautiful and Functional Spaces for Kelson Group

Meet the very talented Trish Becher, Design Director + Lead for Kelson Group. Trish has over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial design and has led the design for several Kelson Group apartments. When asked about what inspires her and how she brings that inspiration into her design work, Trish had some fascinating insights to share.

Becoming an interior designer was a dream for Trish since she was 13 years old. Trish studied art and design in high school and started working in the field shortly after graduating. She continued working full-time and completed her design program at BCIT while working full-time. Minus a break to start her family, she has worked in the field for 25 years.

Trish started working with the Kelson Group team about 10 years ago. She worked on several new buildings for them, including Peterson Landing in Kamloops. Last fall, Trish joined Kelson Group full-time as their Design Lead.

“I asked myself a ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ question and the answer was resounding and clear: I wanted to dedicate all of my time and efforts to Ron and Kelson Group, so I offered myself for consideration,” Trish adds.

Trish explains that the most exciting challenge when working on Kelson Group apartments is to always consider the longevity, maintenance, and environmental aspect of the materials and finishes chosen for projects. Trish asks herself four questions when designing these buildings:

  1. How lasting will this look and material be?
  2. How easy will it be to care for or replace?
  3. Is it the right product for the climate and weather in that region?
  4. Is this the right selection for the likely tenants?

“When designing buildings for a company that plans to keep them for the lifespan of the building, the approach needs to be much more well thought out,” she adds.

Trish prioritizes research on materials and finishes, including composition, origin, installation process, emissions, and lifespan.

“There are always new ways that we can make better choices and manufacturers continue to work to that end as well. It also helps exponentially when you work for a company whose commitment to environmental integrity is a fundamental part of their business strategy,” Trish notes, adding that Kelson Group takes their environmental policies very seriously and is part of the Certified Rental Building Program, which is committed to environmentally responsible building operations, including very comprehensive environmental management standards of practice.

Trish explains that her inspiration for design comes from a variety of sources, including nature, art, fashion, and architecture. "I am never not looking for inspiration, so a lot of times, inspiration finds me!" Trish exclaims. "I often find inspiration in everyday places such as restaurants, hotels, and new buildings. I take photos of design elements and attend trade shows to stay up to date on the latest products and trends."

Trish also believes that to truly make a design dream come true, it is essential to have a team of collaborators that make it happen.

“Every single team member brings their own unique skills to the project and listening to that perspective makes me more effective at what I do. It’s like a symphony orchestra: everyone has a vital role, but the magic happens when they work together,” Trish says.

For those looking to redesign their own space but don’t know where to start, Trish shares seven tips:

  1. Start with the question "why?" and identify what needs are not being met in the space.
  2. Take stock of things in the space that you like and want to keep or repurpose.
  3. Collect images of rooms you like that are similar in size to your space.
  4. Simple redesigns like a fresh coat of paint, changing light fixtures, or adding accessories can change the feel of a space.
  5. Look for cost-effective options for items such as second-hand shops or stores like Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Walmart, or Home Sense.
  6. Focus on what can be changed if painting is not an option.
  7. Watch shows on HGTV like "Fixer Upper" and "Love it or List it" for inspiration.
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